Read what some of our Awardees had to say about their time on the John Smith Public Service Award.

John Fleming

I can honestly say that my experience on the John Smith Public Service Award has changed my outlook on my future career more than anything else.

The skills that I learned by working in parliament have enabled me to feel far more confident about myself personally and professionally. The most important skill I developed was communications. For example, writing a question my host MP asked the government at the International Development Committee, and communicating directly with constituents over the phone and by email.

The John Smith Centre is also very adaptable to your interests when matching you with a host.

I enjoyed the programme so much that I’m going on to work for the MSP that hosted me as an intern!

Harry Grieve

I have had such a great experience with the John Smith Centre over the past two years. By exposing me to aspects of both Scottish and UK politics, the Centre has allowed me to work on my professional skills and understand the importance of public service.  A few years ago, I could not have imagined myself walking through the Palace of Westminster and sitting down to watch Prime Ministers Questions as part of my work. Being able to work in both Parliaments has been a privilege, and as a result of the skills gained over the course of the programme, I was able to secure a permanent position with an MSP as I continue my university studies.

My host MSP, MP and their office staff worked hard to support me during the internships, and I was made to feel like a valued member of the team from day one. It has been an extremely valuable experience to work on constituent casework, political communications and diary management over the last two years and I am grateful to the Centre for supporting me throughout. As a Parliamentary Intern, the work is extremely varied and no aspect of the role becomes repetitive. I know that I will look back on my time as a John Smith Centre Intern and pinpoint it as one of my proudest career moments to-date.