We are delighted to announce that State Senator Sarah McBride will be a next guest in our Power Hour series.

Sarah will join Centre Director Kezia Dugdale in conversation at 7pm on 22 February.

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Each Power Hour session seeks to exam a different aspect of power in politics and public life. From the role of Special Advisors to opposition back MPs, to Government Ministers and think tank directors, we spend 60 minutes with key decision makers looking at their early careers, the big issues they’ve grappled with and their hopes and fear for the future.

Join Kezia Dugdale for this very special Power Hour with Sen. Sarah McBride to mark LGBT History month.

Sarah has been involved in community advocacy for most of her life, including working for former Governor Jack Markell, the late Attorney General Beau Biden, and as a White House intern during the Obama Administration. Most recently, she served as a spokesperson for the Human Rights Campaign, the United States of America’s largest LGBTQ equal rights organization.

When Sarah McBride was elected in November 2020 to the first state senate district of Delaware, she became the first openly transgender state senator in American history.

In conversation with our Centre Director, they will explore Sarah’s early career, why she’s chosen a life as a public servant, what advice she has for people facing hate and abuse for who they are and what gives her hope for the future.

This event is open to everyone but registration is required. Events are recorded and you can view past Power Hours here.