John Smith Centre Alumni Network members were thrilled to visit the Cabinet Office Second Headquarters in Glasgow this week.


Taking place in the Cabinet Office’s new complex in Atlantic Square, the visit was an opportunity for interns and alumni to learn about the role of the UK Civil Service in Scotland, and to hear from experienced civil servants about their career paths and job roles. Our young people learned about the distinction between devolved and retained areas of power, and how the Cabinet Office is in process of dispersing its operations and workforce throughout the UK, with a greater presence in Scotland. Interns and alumni were also given information on the Civil Service Fast Stream and the process of applying.

The John Smith Centre is enormously grateful for the Cabinet Office for organising and hosting these visits. Many of our Alumni Network members are at important junctures in their education and careers, so we hope the Cabinet Office visit has provided them with a sense of clarity ahead of potentially pursuing a career pathway with the Civil Service.


A collage of images taken during the event in a small workshop room with around 15 people and a presentation projected to the wall.