Issued: Thu, 25 Feb 2021 00:01:00 GMT

The John Smith Centre exists to make the positive case for politics and public service.

We seek to do that in three key ways. Firstly, by researching the relationship between the public and their politicians. Secondly through advocacy, showcasing politics as a force for good like we do with our Power Hour  series. Finally, we run internship and development programmes designed to pull down the barriers too many people face accessing public life.

To mark LGBT History Month, we’ve asked 12 prominent LGBT politicians, each one a pioneer and inspiration in their own right, to highlight the work of another person or organisation that doesn’t get the credit they deserve for the work they’ve done advancing LGBT equality.

Round up of LGBT History month pols

We’ve sought to invite politicians from a variety of different political parties and indeed parliaments. We have a Welsh Assembly minister, peers from the House of Lords, a Cabinet Secretary from the Scottish Government and numerous prominent MPs taking part.

What surprised us the most was the diversity of nominees we’ve received, from comedians like Hannah Gadsby to former MPs like Robin Cook and Maureen Colquhoun. From a primary school headteacher to all those who didn’t make it. Who didn’t live to see the progress made.

You can watch each of the videos here:

1) Mhairi Black MP nominating the comedian Hannah Gadbsy.

2) Wes Streeting MP nominating the Primary School Headteacher Sarah Hewitt Clarkson.

3) Jamie Greene MSP nominating Lord Montage for his role in decriminalising homosexuality.

4) Jeane Freeman MSP nominating Maureen Colquhoun.

5) Ruth Davidson MSP nominating Baroness Ruth Hunt.

6) Martin Docherty-Hughes MP nominating all those who didn’t live to see the progress.

7) Hannah Bardell MP nominating Robin Cook for his work on LGBT equality.

8) Hannah Blythyn AM nominating the RainbowBiz, a social enterprise advancing equality in Wales.

9) David Mundell MP nominating Ruth Davidson.

10) Nia Griffiths MP nominating all those who campaign for inclusive education.

11) Lord Ian Duncan nominating Bob Boothby for his role in decriminalisig homosexuality.

12) Lord Michael Cashman nominating Sarah Hewitt Clarkson once again.

We hope this series can demonstrate that all young LGBT people watching politics today can see someone in a position of power that’s a little like themselves, or at the very least, shares their ideals for a fairer more equal country.

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