Issued: Sat, 07 Nov 2020 00:00:00 GMT

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Lord Andrew Adonis joined Kezia Dugdale to discuss his biorgraphy of Ernest Bevin, “Labour’s Churchill”.

Described as one of the greatest and most inspirational figures of the twentieth century, Ernest Bevin was the Minister of Labour in the wartime coalition during the Second World War. He was at Churchill’s right hand, masterminding the home front while the war supremo commanded the battle front.

Following the war, he was Foreign Secretary at one of the most pivotal moments of international history, responsible for keeping Stalin and communism out of Western Europe, creating NATO, the transatlantic alliance, all of which underpin European democracy and security to this day.

Together they explored Bevin’s legacy, lessons for our own age and why he is considered by many to be amongst Britain’s greatest political leaders and public servants.

This online event was recorded on 5 November 2020. RUN TIME: 57mins

This event is the latest webinar offered by the John Smith Centre designed to showcase the very best of politics and public service. Past Power Hour events with leading figures from across the political spectrum, media and civil society can be watched or listened to again here.

Author’s biography

Andrew Adonis was at the heart of the Blair-Brown government for twelve years, serving as Minister for Schools under Tony Blair and as Transport Secretary in Gordon Brown’s cabinet.

Formerly, he was a journalist on The Observer and the Financial Times and Fellow of Nuffield College, Oxford.

His previous books include ‘5 Days in May’, acclaimed as “a West Wing-style thriller” about the formation of the Cameron-Clegg coalition.

A member of the House of Lords, he has twice been named Peer of the Year in the Channel 4 and Spectator awards.