As the John Smith Centre recruits for a Research and Events intern to develop and maintain the John Smith Centre’s online Research Hub and support our events programme, we’ve spoken to former intern Daniel O’Malley about his time in the same role and why he thinks current PhD candidates should apply for the opportunity:

Headshot of Daniel O'Malley “Undertaking an internship at the John Smith Centre was an invaluable opportunity to be part of the team promoting trust in politics in the United Kingdom. During my time at the John Smith Centre, I was empowered and entrusted to undertake research into the topic of trust in politics. Through the managing of the Research Hub and Blog, I liaised with academics, think tank researchers and third sector organisations to gathering the most current and cutting-edge insights into trust in politics, politicians and political institutions. This provided me with experience of networking with academics but further with the third sector organisations across the UK.

Most importantly, the John Smith Centre internship is invaluable to career development during PhD studies. The John Smith Centre covers programme project management with the Parliamentary Internship Programme, to event management with the Power Hour series, to research with the Research Hub and Blog. As such you are provided with experience in a wide range of areas which gives you insight into what might be the best career route for you post-PhD.

Overall, your time at the John Smith Centre will be brilliant in terms of the work you undertake and the people you work with.”

Daniel now works on Campaigns and Public Affairs at Diabetes Scotland.

Apply now for our Research and Events Intern post! Applications close on 10 September.