Helena Kennedy KC is one of the country’s most distinguished and recognised lawyers. She has spent her career championing civil liberties and promoting human rights, and has been a barrister is some of the UK’s highest profile cases including the Brighton Bombing, the Guildford Four appeal and the bombing of the Israeli embassy.

More than 30 years ago she published the seminal legal book “Eve Was Framed”, an eye-opening analysis of the disadvantages that women face in the criminal justice system. Since then much has changed for women, but progress has been slow within the justice system.

In 2021, she was asked by the Scottish Government to head up a working group to explore if there could be a stand-alone crime of misogyny in Scotland. Baroness Kennedy said she was shocked by what the working group was told, and called for a new law to tackle violence and abuse against women. How will this work in practice? Will it shift the dial onto how men behave?

The Scottish Government has said it will consider the report’s recommendations.

We were thrilled Baroness Kennedy joined our Women in Public Life Power Hour Series.