Listen again

Mo Hussein was a Special Advisor in the Conservative UK Government to Amber Rudd whilst at the Home Office and at the Department for Energy and Climate Change.

He was part of David Cameron’s communications team in 10 Downing Street for four years and has also worked as Media Advisor to the British Forces in Afghanistan. He’s now the Director of Public Affairs for the London based PR agency PLMR.

Mo joined Kezia Dugdale in conversation to explore his background, how he got into politics and his experiences at the heart of Government. You can read Kezia’s Director’s Cut of the event here.

Each Power Hour session seeks to exam a different aspect of power in politics and public life. From the role of special advisers to opposition backbench MPs, to Government Ministers and think tank directors, we spend 60 minutes with key decision makers looking at their careers, the big issues they’ve grappled with and their thoughts on the future.

This online event was recorded on 9 February 2021. RUN TIME: 1hr