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Anna Soubry is a former Conservative and Change UK MP.

Anna joined Centre Director Kezia Dugdale in conversation to discuss her background and her career. In a fascinating 60 minutes, they explored Anna’s politically active student years, her work as a broadcaster and barrister, and her time as an MP and minister, including campaigning for Remain in the EU Referendum.

This online event was recorded on 6 October 2020. RUN TIME: 1hr 1min

About Anna Soubry

Anna Soubry had a life before politics, both as a TV presenter and a barrister. She was elected for first time in 2010 to represent the Broxtowe constituency. She served as Public Health Minister, was the UK’s first female Defence Minister and attended cabinet as Business Minister. She famously crusaded against Brexit and for a People’s Vote, much against the grain of her party’s policy.