Promoting Trust In
Politics & Public Service
The mission of the John Smith Centre is to promote the positive case for politics and public service. We do this in three key ways: Research, Advocacy and Events, and Development Programmes.


Parliamentary Internship Programme
Creating hands-on learning opportunities for students to engage in frontline public service roles and a platform from which they can examine the role of public servants and elected representatives today.
Minority Ethnic Emerging Leaders Programme
A personal and professional development programme for young people between 18-29 from minority ethnic backgrounds aimed to remove barriers that can be faced when moving into leadership positions in society.
John Smith Public Service Award
The John Smith Public Service Award is a two-year professional development programme offered in partnership with The Robertson Trust.
Royal Bank Future Leaders Programme
300 young Scots will take part in a programme aimed at creating employment opportunities and developing networks.
Does the House of Commons need urgent reform?
We were delighted to be joined by Dr Hannah White, the deputy director of the Institute for Government, to discuss her new book: “Held in Contempt: What’s wrong with the House of Commons?”